Pay attention to the authenticity and integrity of the information you fill in.The more authentic and complete the information, the higher the approval rate and credit line.
We will strictly abide by the regulations of the regulatory authorities and keep your personal information strictly confidential. It will only be used internally by our company and your information security will be fully protected.
Yes. For instance, the permission of mobile phone camera is to obtain your photo information so that we can identify whether the application is made by you. Other mobile phone rights are also authorized to facilitate your credit assessment and to raise your credit, and possibly increase the credit line or enjoy other preferential policies.
If you are an Android user, you can open reading permissions in the settings. The specific setting methods vary according to the type of the machine.

A. Restarting the mobile phone or clearing the mobile phone cache;

B. Check if it is blocked by the phone's security software;

C. Check if you have unsubscribed the text message. If you do, please contact our customer service to receive the text message again.

D. Check whether the phone is in arrears or wait another three minutes.

Please check if the network is abnormal. Please click again to submit the information where the network is good.
The audit will normally be completed within 24 hours, and we will inform you by sending a message in a timely manner. Please wait patiently.
A. Insufficient comprehensive credit score. B. Your other information may not meet our requirements for the time being.
After the audit, the platform will inform you by text message. Please choose the withdrawal method on our APP in time. When you choose to withdraw money offline, Wet are highly recommend you go to M. Lhuillier. after 30 minutes, and remember to bring your two valid ID and get the reference No.and operate according to the store's staff requirements.
If the reference No. is invalid, please wait patiently. Normally, the reference No. will be valid 30 minutes after the withdrawal password is entered.
A. Please make sure that the name of the bank account is the borrower's own account, and the account number is correct. Otherwise, it will cause the failure of the payment. B. Please select the bank account supported by the platform. Otherwise, it will cause the failure of the payment. C. Replace the binding bank card. You can rebind the new bank card in [My]-[Debit card]-[Add a new card or select the default bank card].
Maintaining good repayment record will help improve your credit and may raise your credit line or enables you to enjoy other preferential policies.
Currently, 7-ELEVEN, ECPAY, Gcash, Banks are supported, and other repayment channels will be opened soon.

A. Overdue payment will cause corresponding overdue fees, and the longer the overdue time, the higher the overdue cost. Please repay on time and keep a good credit record.

B. If you are overdue for a long time, you will be recorded on the blacklist of the network credit or there is a legal dispute, you cannot enjoy the convenient financial services.

C. If you are overdue for a long time, we will track the payment (including visit the door to urge payment) until the arrears and fees are recovered.

You can click "Repay Now" and select "Renewal" for repaying your fees. After successful renewal, the term of loan can be extended.
If the repayment fails to be paid on the day of agreed in the contract, it shall be deemed as overdue then a penalty should be paid. on the first day of penalty shall be 10% of the loan amount. After the first day of overdue, the penalty is 3% of the loan amount per day.
When contacting our customer service personnel, you should inform your registered mobile phone number in the first place.
Currently, users are not allowed to change the registered mobile phone number by themselves. Please contact customer service. We will change it for you after verifying your identity.
After you cancel the account, you will not be able to register and use our service again. Please handle it carefully. Currently, users are not allowed to cancel their accounts. Please contact customer service for relevant operations.