1. Build Android app based on wireframes provided by UI/UX designer

2. Ensure app functionality is in line with product specifications

3. Ensure APIs are connected seamlessly from back-end to consumer-facing application

4. Suggest ideas for how to improve user experience and flow

5. Proactively develop hypotheses for product improvements, additional solutions that can be added


1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science

2. Shipped multiple Android Applications that are currently available in the Google Play Store

3. Intense passion for implementing beautiful user interfaces on Android

4. Mastery of the Android SDK

5. Exceptional ability to debug and optimize complex Android applications on real devices

6. Experience with ATSL including Espresso and UI Automator

7. Experience integrating Analytics tools for Android

Preferred Skills & Experience:

1. 5+ years of experience as a software engineer

2. Experience in financial services

3. Strong Computer Science fundamentals (algorithms, data structures, memory management, concurrency) with demonstrated ability to apply these skills to solve hard real world problems

4. Expert in Java with strong OO design skills


Be part of a growing team that has a meaningful impact on customers by delivering high-quality features at high velocity.

1. Breakdown a feature into releasable chunks, estimate release schedule and collaborate with others to work on features.

2. Contribute to architectural and design decisions and be able to articulate the impact of those decisions.

3. Learn to understand trade-offs between consistency, durability and costs to build solutions which can meet the demands of rapidly growing services.

4. Help ensure operational readiness of the services and meet the commitments to our customers regarding availability and performance.


1. Experience with building backend systems at scale for at least 3+ years

2. Worked on projects that have reached thousands of customers and have individually contributed to many consumer-facing features

3. Strong knowledge of at least 1 backend language (Java, Scala, Python, Play, Django) and 1 relational database, (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MS SQL) and general knowledge about many others.

4. Ability to dive into large existing projects and contribute by narrowing down and quickly understand relevant parts of the system

5. A pragmatic and agnostic approach to coding, with no specific preference for any language/framework, and understanding when to (and when not to) apply certain design patterns and refactoring, based on many years of experience with several large projects

6. Working knowledge in API development for mobile/web use.


1. Leverage a unique, diverse, and deep data set to find connections across these data sources. Communicate findings to the team and integrate them into models.

2. Own the full-cycle of a model from ideation and training through deployment into our production environment. This might be a credit model, fraud model, marketing model, or an iteration of an existing model.

3. Monitor model performance once deployed and iterate rapidly if necessary.

4. Contribute and share your findings and knowledge of data science and other modeling with all appropriate cross-functional teams.

5. Partner with the Engineering team to develop, test and deploy models.

6. Pull data from MySQL or other data stores, handling all the ETL from the DB to running the model to obtaining a decision.


1. 2+ years of experience in a data science role or equivalent position

2. Masters or PhD in a quantitative field

3. Fluent in Python and packages related to machine learning

4. Experience with maintaining data science models in a production environment

Preferred Skills & Experience:

1. Experience in building fraud, credit, or risk models

2. Expertise in NLP, network analysis, or geospatial analysis

The responsibilities of credit auditing:

1. With the guidance of the risk control policy, objectively and impartially verify the authenticity of the materials submitted by the applicants in case of financial fraud.

2. Communicate with customers on the phone according to the information provided by the customer.

3. Implement the internal control system for credit audit risk to ensure compliance with credit audit.

4. Learn more about the industry's audit and risk control experience, and share it internally in time.

5. Responsible for auditing within the authority, analyzing the applicant's credit conditions and issuing preliminary/review/final auditing opinions to ensure risk prevention of customers.

6. Summarize the problems found during the auditing, cooperate with colleagues in other departments such as the risk control department to improve the management system and procedures of credit loan, continuously strengthen internal control system construction, strengthen risk management, standardize credit loan behavior, and reduce risks & losses.

7. Complete other works assigned by supervisor and offer feedback.


1. Proficient in using Microsoft office software.

2. Rigorous logic , cautious, and have ability to analyze and solve problems.

3. Excellent learning ability, be able to master new knowledge quickly.

4. Bachelor degree or above, major in risk management, law, etc.

5. Have strong leadership, communication and coordination skills, and good language expression skills.

6. With integrity, strong sense of responsibility and a good professional work dedication & ethics.

7. More than 1 year experience in retail banking credit audit, post-lending management or credit risk management is preferred.


1. Make the platform operation plan according to the company's development strategy.Collect and analyze various data of the platform, propose improvement plans, maintain, promote and upgrade the platform;

2. Promote business development, improve operation efficiency and ensure the realization of operation goals;

3. Formulated, improved and implemented the platform operation management system and operation process;

4. Improve the website value and stickiness through website operation, increase the activity of members and merchants, and increase application and transaction volume;

5. Responsible for external cooperation, development of channel resources, integration of network resources and network media;

6. Coordinated internal compliance work according to policy supervision requirements, reported work to external and financial office, Internet financial association and other competent departments.


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economy and marketing;

2. At least 2 years working experience in finance, payment or large-scale e-commerce is preferred; experience in P2P and Internet finance is preferred;

3. Have solid financial professional knowledge and understand P2P operation mode;

4. Strong logical analysis ability, sensitive to user experience and data.


Ship product, deliver on KPIs and develop deep product expertise within a cross-functional team:

Emerging Markets: Establish product-market fit for Tala in an emerging market

Growth: Grow all markets along acquisition, activation and retention KPIs

Credit: Create global credit businesses that are locally relevant and sustainable

Platform: Develop global tools and modules used by internal users

Develop a strong understanding of in-country context, user needs, and competitive landscape

Be the team champion to ensure team alignment, advocate product and elevate morale

Global travel required


3+ years product experience, preferably in any of the following: consumer mobile, personal finance, emerging markets, payments

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with experience shipping user-centric products

Proficient with the latest methods of product discovery and development Effective communicator that can listen, surface timely questions as well as motivate others

Curiosity and knowledge of technical and product innovation and trends Checked ego, humble, empathetic, collaborative, service-oriented attitude of “user first”

The responsibility of Customer service staff:

1. Maintain the company's good relationship with customers and enhance the customer's reputation and loyalty to the company.

2. Responsible to take the initiative to remind the expired customers to repay in time to avoid overdue. Pay attention to moderate tone, modest attitude, warm and courteous. When the customer's attitude is not good, you must be patient.

3. Responsible for the company's customer service call, patient and thoughtful to solve customers problems, and always provide excellent service.

4. Responsible for the online customer service problem handling, be patient and thoughtful to solve customer problems, and always provide excellent service.

5. Responsible for timely and detailed reply of APP message and website message.

6. Responsible for periodical satisfaction surveys of customers, understanding problems and suggestions occurred during the usage of customers, and timely summarizing them to the responsible person of the operation department.

7. Answer the customer's complaint phone call, record the complaint content and report it on the same day. If it cannot be solved yourself, ask the principal person in charge to coordinate the dealing.

8. Complete other works assigned by supervisor and offer feedback


1. Have a good sense of customer service and comprehensive personal quality.

2. Familiar with the company's business processes and related product knowledge.

3. Well use of Microsoft office software & English pronunciation are appropriate & decent.

4. Have good communication and analysis ability and can work under pressure.

5. Bachelor degree or above, majored in law and other related majors.

6. Have good emotional control ability and a certain ability to adjust mentality.

7. Have good interpersonal relationships and a certain ability to coordinate interpersonal relationships.

The responsibility of post-loan dept:

1. Responsible for overdue account management, timely follow up the status of overdue repayment of each customer.

2. Responsible for urging debtor to repay on time by SMS, email reminder, phone call, letter, lawsuit, or other social means.

3. Responsible for timely recording of each collection, and continuous follow up to the final repayment.

4. Promote payment through various pressure means such as ethics, credit, law or arbitration.

5. Finish the repayment index assigned by the group in time to keep the accounts receivable been controlled within normal range.

6. Analyzing, summarizing, conducting a flexible and effective collection plan with information obtained in pre-lending and post-loan.

7. Maintain the company's good relationship with customers and enhance the customer's reputation and loyalty to the company.

8. Learn more collection experience from anyone in the same industry , and share it in time in internal company.

9. Complete other matters assigned by leader and give feedback.


1. With a good sense of customer service and comprehensive quality.

2. Familiar with the company's business processes and related products knowledge.

3. Well use of Microsoft office software, English pronunciation is appropriate.

4. With good communication and analysis capabilities and work under pressure.

5. Bachelor degree or above, major in law or other related majors.

6. With ability of good emotional control and adjust mentality.

7. With good interpersonal relationships and ability to coordinate interpersonal relationships.


1. Supports Human Resource Department, coordination, and application of company-wide human resources policies, procedures, and practices.

2. Updates and creates Job Descriptions and participates in the recruiting process.

3. Maintains employee files and database.

4. Schedules and coordinates new employee orientations.

5. Assists with communication of benefit programs changes and updates.

6. Screens and routes telephone calls.

7. Performs general clerical duties including but not limited to filing, photocopying, faxing, and mailing.

8. Demonstrates a high level of professionalism in dealing with confidential and sensitive issues.

9. Performs other related duties as assigned by management.

10. Maintains all banging paperwork and submits Quarterly Reports.


1. College degree required; Finance or Accounting focus a plus

2. Must be PC proficient and have solid experience in Microsoft Excel

3. The candidate must have strong verbal and written communication skills. Strong interpersonal and customer service skills along with the ability to problem solve and multi-task in a fast-paced environment, work under pressure and meet deadlines also required.

4. Time management is important in managing work load as well as meeting all client deadlines