Download and apply. Our end-to-end digital solution means no paperwork or lengthy processes!


No mortgage nor guarantee needed. Integrity builds a good life!


proprietary credit-scoring technology. Cash will be disbursed in less than 24 hours.


No hidden penalties, no hidden fees. Credit ceiling increase with successful repayment.


Big data technology can evaluate users’ loan quotas.


We use global industry standard security and encryption. We never release user data to third parties.


What needs to be noticed for repayment?
Maintaining good repayment record will help improve your credit and may raise your credit line or enables you to enjoy other preferential policies.
How to confirm whether the repayment is successful?
After repayment, please check the repayment status in time in [My]-[Loan Record]-[Loan Details]. When the page shows “Your repayment is made successfully”, it indicates that the repayment is successful.
What to do if users don't have enough money to repay in time?
You can click "Repay Now" and select "Renewal" for repaying your fees. After successful renewal, the term of loan can be extended.
What needs to be noted for submitting so much information?
Pay attention to the authenticity and integrity of the information you fill in.The more authentic and complete the information, the higher the approval rate and credit line.
How long will it return the feedback result after submitting the loan application?
The audit will normally be completed within 24 hours, and we will inform you by sending a message in a timely manner. Please wait patiently.


We are a Internet Finance Corporation of Philippines, which specializes in financial technology products for the Filipino, providing small amount, short-term, financial credit services.

Positioning: Who are we? -- Focus on providing professional and sustainable credit loan services to small economy entities. Based on the customer's own credit, it provides a simple credit loan service for users who cannot get loan from traditional financial institutions.

Mission: Why do we exist? - Help more people, not only for "rich people." We have an equal relationship with our users; our users are not rich, and most of them are groups of users that cannot get or difficult to get service from banks and other financial services institution, which including small economy entities such as individuals and small or medium businesses owners.

Product Introduction: Based on the mobile Internet full-process online loan APP, mainly to solve the small amount credit loan needs of individuals and small business owners in the Philippines, providing small amount loan from PHP 2,000 to PHP 20,000, The user can define the amount of the loan and the repayment period independently at the range. The system adopts the Internet big data method, which eliminates the cumbersome process and procedures of traditional financial services, and aims to provide a new loan model which is simple.


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